Brilliant Implant has been a leading manufacturer of dental implant technology since 1993. Brilliant Implant is based in France, however we operate worldwide.

In comparison to other companies we guarantee higher quality products at more affordable prices. We also offer a lifetime warranty, fast shipping and personalized 24/7 customer service for purchases.

In addition, BI constantly searches for ways to provide more convenience for customers. This is why we established a service to allow products to be ordered directly through the site, which saves valuable time for doctors.

Brilliant Implant leads in the implants field, due its excellent service, years of experience in global trade and variety of satisfied clients due to affordable prices and quality materials we provide.

Our relationships are built on long-term partnerships with various clinics and dentists around the world (U.S, South America, Europe and the Far East).

All our products are manufactured with the highest quality materials available on the market. Produced by CNC machines.

Manufacturing implants are also subject to a quality assurance system, known as EN 13485/ ISO at every stage of its operations. 

This standard specifies in detail all the criteria that must be met by a comprehensive quality assurance program.

Brilliant Implant continues to explore the field of implants every day. Collaboration between professional physicians and leading universities continually benefits our processes and final products.


Brilliant Implant Factory




Brilliant Implant 
manufacturing is subject to regulation by its quality assurance system under the EN/ISO 13485 standard at every stage of its operations. This standard specifies in detail all the criteria that must be met by an extensive quality assurance scheme relating to the company’s operations in order to be recognized.

Daily random controls are performed throughout the manufacturing chain. 


Brilliant Implant manufactures the majority of its own implants and prosthetic components, with sterility and biocompatibility verifications being performed for each product family.

Every implant undergoes a rigorous and detailed visual inspection, assuring greater quality control.

This follow-up which is added to the particular care given to the manufacturing of implants constitutes an important guarantee to the optimal quality of products. 

Each implant is packaged individually in a sealed double sterile tube. The implant is then packaged into a welded blister then treated under gamma radiation. 

This packaging is especially important to prevent any contamination risk during transportation or manipulation of the packs.